1760 announced the "little gentleman" (Le Bourgeois), can be regarded as a representative of this class ballet 's most famous for. Lu took ballet applied to him for the song contest, two of his successor Campra (Campra) and Rameau (Rameau) also follow suit.p90 results This of course and his personality and set about.Britain also create an extraordinary ballet, termed "mask dance" (Masque). To the second half of the seventeenth century, Vienna has become the center of the ballet. However, when the European ballet is in the argument of "tradition" and "Refresh", "cruel" and "lyric" the discussion of "pure dance", and "problem" argument, and "ballet" and "modern dance" argument. These ideas to us today in twentieth century, more or less and its aftermath, sometimes contentious. Especially the Larmor works, due to assimilation have Mexico,p90 fitness health and other exotic Chinese more funny. Starting from 1789, showing a "caged" and a number of early daughter (also called former romance. Generation of ballet as representative). And to nineteenth century, successively in Paris presented the "golden age of romantic ballet" the history of ballet, launched a "Fairy" (1832), "Giselle" (1841) and "Coppe lia" (1870) as the representative of the handed down, and then enter the "golden age of classical ballet" The entire ballet history on Russia, left to "Sleeping Beauty" (1890), "The Nutcracker" (1892) and "Swan Lake" (1895), a large number of classical repertoire, led by the "three big dance", nianye urging people to "ideas to us the highest form of ballet dance" is the. The venue and audience viewing angle change, caused changes in dance techniques and aesthetic point of view, the actor standing posture is more and more open, which officially identified five basic position of the foot, the 5 outside the open position to become the basis for the development of ballet technique.Professional ballet dancer emerges as the times require, and gradually replaced the aristocratic amateur actors, occupation ballerina also began to appear on the stage, dancing technique can be more rapidly development.p90 reviews In seventeenthcentury 70's began using Richelieu Bishop Palace Theatre Ballet. Ballet frombasically is a kind of amusement social activities gradually into the theater for theperforming arts. This period is from belongs to the ballet opera, court composerJ.B. Lu joined the ballet scene in the opera, is actually a series of danceperformances, plot but appears to be of no great importance, then known as thesinging opera or ballet ballet.

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